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WHat we do

 We sell farm-fresh, responsibly grown fruits and vegetables, and harvested at the peak of their season.   This ensures flavorful produce with minerals and nutrients that reflect the rich soil profile.  It is not a product you can find in a grocery store.  Grocery store produce will be older when purchased, and may have been grown in soils depleted of organic materials, and healthy microbial populations .  Depending on the certification of the produce, it could have been sprayed with pesticide or herbicides. 

Groundspeak Farm products are sold though CSA subscription services.  See Products & Services for more on how to join a CSA and enjoy fresh Groundspeak Farm produce. 


who we are

Including Farmer Claire, Groundspeak Farm participants are a diverse and lively group who like to work hard and learn how to grow great food. We are a group of people who care tremendously about our planet, our local communities, and the way our food makes us feel.  This group includes land owners, fellow farmers, family, students,  friends, customers, suppliers, and many others.


Where we grow

Edgerton, KS

Miami Co.

Groundspeak Farm is a part of the Historic Martin Farm in Miami County, KS. It lies in the Hillsdale Watershed, which hosts a magnitude of recreational activities such as boating, fishing, camping, and hunting among others.  Sunrises and sunsets tend to be beautiful. 

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