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Products & Services

Groundspeak Farm is currently producing annual fruits and vegetables, and is continually striving to bring a wider diversity of high quality products to our various consumers. By working with other area farmers to provide CSA subscription services, Groundspeak Farm is able to do just that. 
-A Rolling Prairie subscription will provide you with weekly fresh local produce and often eggs, mushrooms, sprouts or other specialty items, from May through October. When our customers go to one of four pickup sites in Eastern Kansas, they are able to build a relationship with the farmers who are growing the food, as well as pick from a choice selection of produce available.  Click here to sign up.    
-A limited number of CSA delivery subscriptions are also available.  Delivery customers will receive a large bag of produce and other specialty items (7-10 items) as well as a selection of animal products from G&L Whole Food twice a month for a three month period (a total of 6 times).  Fresh farm products right to your door.  Click here to sign up.  
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